Friday, October 30, 2009

Flashback and Foodie Friday ~ Vintage Halloween

For this week's Flashback Friday, I am flashing back through vintage Halloweenish graphics. I just love any old timey holiday illustrations and cards. I would love to collect these in real life but they are hard to come by. Many of these I "borrowed" from The Graphics Fairy, an oustanding blog that shares these little treasures on a daily basis. Many are from the blogger's personal collection. Check her out HERE.

I love the funny moon theme you see in many of these old postcards

Is it nice to think of the big moon in the sky laughing with us

Better than this moon...which has me a little scared!

Some of the illustrations are cute

Like this precious guy

But some lean towards a victorian kinda way

Check out these two old bats...

Owls are big in spooky cartoons

Here we got the moon and an owl

More cute kids

Even kewpie like little girls

Throw in a couple of sweet

And one pretty creepy

And a black cat for good measure

What about a've never heard of the Halloween Butterfly? What rock have you been hiding under?

Not sure what this advertised, but it wouldn't be Halloween without at least one skull

And the most important part of the holiday....CANDY!!!!!

Hope you have a fun and safe Halloween! I didn't make any Halloween treats but thought I would share the cute and yummy goodies my friend Carolyn brought to work. Her talented sister Toni put them together. You may recall me mentioning their efforts for the local humane society. She requests donations in exchange for goodies. I'm sure she would be pleased as punch if you gave to your local humane society as well!

There was quite an assortment to choose from, including these mini bundt pumpkins

And maple leaf cookies

A big eyed alien creature

Spooky spiders

And these...use your imagination and fill in the blank. I'm not sure?

Plus she gave us the finger!

Then..if that weren't enough, Toni sent Carolyn's co-workers (including me!) the cutest little dirty cupcakes. The base was a little plastic Halloween cup filled about half full of candy, with the cupcake set in cup on top of this candy, then the cookie grave and gummy worm stuck in the cupcake. It was quite the set up...and the cupcake was to die for and had a cute little wrapper. I will have to get the recipe....

If you have a flashback you'd like to share please add your link below.

I'm also joining in on Foodie Friday this week. Check out the other great posts at Designs by Gollum.


Marsha said...

Wow, some of those big ole' full moons watching the kiddies are pretty scary! What's really scary is in the first full moon card, the first 2 letter word has a whole new meaning these days :) Wouldn't exactly send that one to a friend. I just LOVED this post what a great thing to show all these cute vintage greetings...I am a sucker for all things vintage.

How lucky you are to have all those fun goodies to pick from and also that the $ goes to such a great cause. The baker is very talented and I love the Halloween goodie cup she made you and your co-workers! Have a great holiday weekend!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

What is really scary is that tiny little boy with the sharp knife in his hand!

What a funny and interesting collection of Halloween cards, Suzy! Ditto on the collection of spooky treats your co-worker brought. I think I've seen eyeballs like that recently - LOL!

Mimi said...

Cute Halloween graphics. Hope you weren't on a sugar-free diet with all those sweets! Your friend's sister did a marvelous job. ♥ the little pumpkin bundt cakes, spiderweb cupcakes and the fingers, all so cute. Thanks for sharing!

Foley said...

Love the vintage cards - I can see current day ones a little from the old ion some of the them..especially the black cat and pumpkin.
Great looking treats..I'm kind of in a sugar overload for some reason and the thought of biting into one doesn't set well right KNOW something is wrong!! LMAO

Kathleen said...

I love those cards, such cute faces on the kids..
Nice treats from your friend.
The dirt cakes used to be a big hit with my class..with lots of gummy worms. The more disgusting the better for them! :)

Dishesdone said...

Cool cards, Suzy! Love vintage stuff :)

You got some nice treats, and all for a good cause! Your friend's sister came up with some great ideas!

Cynthia said...

Suzy, what amazing vintage Halloween graphics. You find the neatest things. ... Definitely a different style than what we see today ... some darling round-faced kids, some very menacing and scary, and designs. The little boy and the knife seems odd. :)

What a fabulous selection of treats for the Dogathon. I would have been delighted to contribute to both the cause and helping eat the goodies. Love the pumpkin bundts and the maple leaf cookies.

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