Saturday, February 28, 2009

Farewell to February

A few of my blogging buddies have decided to throw a Going away party for February. I was more than happy to join in the festivities. Please check out their posts too.

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So it's


To March and Spring!

Winter really has been long this year and colder than I've experienced so far in the Pacific Northwest. I've only been here for 6 winters I suppose I have a lot to learn!! I've lost track of how many times it's snowed here this year. But I do know it snowed this past week!!!! Sorry for the quality but it was early (before work) and not much light.

The poor little crocus didn't know what to think!

But things started to thaw pretty fast

And now I can say bye bye to February!! More like Good Riddance :-)

Even with the snow the signs of Spring are all around. I took these this morning. I was thrilled to find the tiny irises blooming

And my hellebore is really trying to open

Lots and lots of primroses

And the lilac buds are getting fatter

In a few weeks I can look forward to visiting fields of these

I can maybe even enjoy a little outdoor dining!

And Jigs will be ready for his annual Spring photo shoot. Here he was in his first.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mardi Gras Madness

I'm kind of late to my own party....we already have a few who've kicked things off. Remember to look at the bottom of the post for links to other cool bloggers who are celebrating Mardi Gras with me. And if you have anything Mardi Gras to share please link up with us! It's been a busy busy day and I haven't sat down for more than a few minutes at a time, but I have been trying to spread my celebrating over the weekend so let's get started!!

Throw me something Mister!!!!

How about we start with a little brunch. New Orleans is famous for their brunches and if you ever get the chance you've got to try it. There are a lot of places that do it..many, many, many. Court of Two Sisters is one I've been too. The food is great and so much variety it would make your head spin. My little brunch is pretty tame comparatively. Cheese & Ham grits...John Folse's Cat's Head biscuits and your basic scrambled eggs.

Celebrating (for anything) in Louisiana is all about the food..and drinks! I thought you might like to see 3 Louisiana made products I really wouldn't want to be without. I put Tony's on everything.

So on to the main course! If I was back home in Louisiana I would have been eating some barbecue...probably a little bit of everything..ribs, hamburgers, maybe some chicken. But it was a rainy rainy day here so I did a rainy day Monday kind of thing...Red Beans and Rice.

And it wouldn't be Mardi Gras without a little King Cake and this time I really do mean LITTLE. Instead of one big one I made three babies!

I used a Southern Living recipe that I really like.

Thanks for joining me for Mardi Gras! One more day to party!

Post anything related to Mardi or otherwise on your blog and link up below! This is my first try with Mr. Linky so bear with me!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Northwest Flower and Garden Show

So you were thinking this was going to be a post exclusively about all things garden show right? Well not quite. Let's start out with the Crepes! Yes I said Crepes! I was hungry when I arrived at the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle and the smell of La Creperie Voila was wafting down the street.

Nothing could have stopped me from ordering one! There was quite the little line, so I had plenty of time to make my decision. I thought the smoked salmon one sounded good.

But ended up deciding on the swiss and cooked apples. MMMMMMMMMM. My little extrovert crepe master was quite willing to have her picture taken. She said she loves her job because it's like having her own stage.

Now with a little nourishment I was ready to head up to the show. What do you think greeted me in the first hall that I entered? Flowers you say? Try Quilts! And a few flowers too :-)

The detail on this one was amazing.

I really loved this grape one.

Hey someone didn't put a coaster under their drink!

I just love this little picket fence.

I had to get a closer look at the path. Neat huh?

On to the main hall. Although I don't think it was an official theme there was a lot of asian influence to be seen.

I really loved this round "window"

Can you believe this is inside?

The glass divider on the right was cool.

Orange seems to be in as well

How about one more theme for the day....MOSS! These walls were cool.

I have to show you just one more thing from the large garden displaysl. Did you ever see a forest growing in a convention hall? Watch this video on how the put one of the displays together.

On to the shopping! Window shopping that is.

There is never any shortage of glass around with Chihuly being from nearby Tacoma. There were at least 4 other booths with beautiful glass things. This "chandelier" really caught my eye.

I remembered these tiles from last year. I'd have liked the dragonfly.

Here's a cool use for those old glass platters collecting dust in your china cabinet.

I saw a few suns I would really have loved to add to my small collection

And I thought about a few of my cooking buddies.

Next I moved on across the sky bridge to the area where they sell plants. I love the view from this little bridge. If you squint real hard you can see Pikes Place Market.

There were more little garden vignettes on the bridge.

My favorites were these little miniature gardens. I MUST have one!

To give you some perspective here's another with Barbie's friend..or is it her little sister? Skipper?

The camera went in my bag soon after I entered this section of the show. Let's just say my hands were getting full!

Actually my haul was quite modest, but there were a few things I couldn't resist.

Here's a closer look at the pendant.

So I started the day with food..what better way to end it. I walked down a block or two to Pacific Place and up to the food court. I had an old fashioned burger at Johnny Rocket's.

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