Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flashback and Foodie Friday ~Sopapillas

We had taco salad tonight..always a happy time in our household. Which got me thinking about an old favorite recipe for a Mexican treat, Sopapillas. I am almost (but not quite) embarrassed to say that my first sopapillas were eaten at the smorgasbord all you can eat make yourself sick buffet style Baton Rouge restaurant called Pancho's.

Now Panchos was a starving (or just plain poor) college students dream. For a very modest flat fee you could make your way down a cafeteria style food line picking as much of any dish that caught your fancy. If that didn't fill you up you raised a little Mexican flag at your table and the waitress came along to take your additional fat filled orders. One thing that I ALWAYS raised my flag for were the sopapillas that were available for dessert. With honey and butter...yummmmmm and Ole!

At some point I found a recipe to make these little pieces of dough heaven at home. Not sure where it comes from but its simple and good. I had forgotten about the secret ingredient!


2 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 egg beaten
3 Tbsp salad oil
1/2 cup beer

Mix dry ingredients. Beat the liquid ingredients together with a fork and add to the dry ingredients stirring with the fork to form a dough. Knead the dough well (It might be sticky) Cover and let sit for 20 mins. Roll thinly on floured board. Cut into 3-4 inch squares or triangles.

Fry in deep very hot oil. Oil must be hot or they won't puff. I actually used only a couple of inches of oil which is enough to cook them, but it burns quickly too. They start small...

And stack up quick! These are best right after you make them so eat up.

Serve with butter and honey. First you rip their little heads off...

Slather with butter and pour honey in the hole.

Thank you for allowing me to take this little stroll down memory food lane. If you have a flashback to share...anything from your past even a favorite up here and give me a little shout out in your blog.

I am also joining in with Foodie Friday today over at Designs by Gollum. Check it out HERE!


Really Rainey said...

Ooooo I love those too... we don't use butter but yes bring on the honey!

Kuntry Girl Flower Farm said...

YUM! I've never tried these but they look delicious! Thanks for the recipe! One of my favorite Mexican restaurants does something's almost like a dessert "chip". They top the deep fried chip with whipped cream and honey. It's complimentary and the perfect touch after a good meal. :)

Marsha said...

These look really good! We saw them on a menu at an authentic small town mexican place in TX, but were so full from the generous servings of our meal we didn't have the stomach room left to try them. Now that I know how simple they are to make - I definitely will try them at home.

Inquiring mines want to know - who gets the rest of the beer? :)

Foley said...

I didn't realize these were that simple to make! Yours look very authentic...would have never guessed there was beer in them!

Dishesdone said...

Suzy, those sopapilla's look delicious! I've never had one and now I have to try! They look so good!

Kathleen said...

Sort of like a Mexican zeppole!
They look good, Suzy! I am not fond of Mexican food..but I would like these.
I make my American Irish version of tacos etc..NO BEANS or peppers!
I didn't know you were doing FF this week.:(

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

They remind me of a dessert served at our favorite Mexican restaurant called Buñuelos. They basically deep fry a flour tortilla and sprinkle it with honey and chopped walnuts - delish!

Your sopapillas look equally yummy!

Kathleen said...

These sound totally yummy!

Marysol said...

Suzy, I appreciate a good all-you-can-eat-til-you-drop buffet too.

And those Sopapillas look awesome! I've had them before (though I haven't made them, yet). And they are as light, crispy and delicious, as they look in your pictures!

I'll have to make this soon. Beer, honey and butter—yum!
What could possibly go wrong?

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