Friday, January 30, 2009

Flashback to Six Months Ago

I was enjoying biscuits and fresh Fig preserves. My Mom and Dad flew out to visit and they had 2 gallons of fresh figs tucked into their suitcase..a bit squished but still tasty and ready to be canned. Sugar and Figs, basically equal amounts cooked until it begins to thicken. Pour in to freshly sterilized jars. Can't beat it!

The Nasturtiums were blooming like crazy!

I still have preserves to eat. I think I'll have biscuits in the morning and dream of summer sunshine!


OWW/Claire said...

Ohh my I ever love the taste of nasturtiums. My daughter goes crazy in the summer when they are in bloom. We always cut off a few, put them in ice water so the little buggies find another home, and munch on them. I especially like putting a slice of mozzarella on the leaf and then adding a slice of fried eggplant...topped off with the flower...mmmm good.

I too love gardening (sketching is a biggie for me) and edible flowers. Most of my poetry and prose is centered on thoughts I have when gardening.

Enjoyed your page and will be back.


Suzy said...

Hi Claire and thanks for visiting. I was really yearning for summer tonight and those nasturtiums just do it for me! I imagine they would be great with mozzarella. My friend mixes them with butter.

I am more in to photography in the garden. I guess it would help if I could sketch lol. I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. I'm just getting up and running. I took a peek at your blog as well. I will have to spend more time exploring! You do beautiful work.

OWW/Claire said...

Suzy...I am putting up an item a piece about gathering round the table...and I'm inviting people to send me their favorite pic of them with their family or friends breaking bread. So, if you would like to share a pic please do send it along for posting on my page...

I too am new at this blog stuff...only been a couple of weeks since I first started...still trying to figure how to make a link...but in due time...right now baby steps are just fine.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Cathy said...

Hi Suzy - I love fresh figs but have never made preserves with them. Sounds wonderful on a warm biscuit.

Can't wait to see nasturtiums again. That's a long way off where I live.

Suzy said...

Thanks are the first of the group to find my blog! :-)

Long way off here too for nasturtiums. Although I saw some tulip foliage coming up today!

Claire, your post sounds lovely. I will see if I can dig up a pic to share. I might have something from the holidays.

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