Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mosaic Monday ~April Blooms and a Crunchy Treat

Trying something new for Mosaic Monday

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The temps are saying spring, and so are the rains I guess! We are well above normal for rain this year and thats saying a lot since I live in the Pacific Northwest! But we got out and poked around the yard anyways. The ground is literally sloshy! Randy is adding dirt to the beds and freshening up a bit. The pineapple fountain needs a good scrubbing too! It's made of some kind of composite material though, not concrete so it does it does wash off much easier.

Jigs supervised...he is General Jigme the mud inspector

The Fairies are moving back in and have a lot of clean up to do themselves. Just look at those weeds! I'm sure they'll have it spic and span in no time though.

There are new signs of life all over the yard this week. Including clematis flower buds. It will be a while before they open but I was so happy to see these babies!

The pink flowering currant is always a sign to me that spring's getting underway. I seem to have lost over half of the bush, but the branches that are alive and blooming are still pretty.

The daffies and tulips that I planted very late (like late winter instead of fall) are starting to bloom. At least the daffodils are. The tulips will be a little later. So if you ever run out of time in the fall, don't fret...there's still hope!

I stopped by the nursery one day on my way home...I couldn't resist any longer. There still isn't much to choose from since we could still have frost, but I did manage to pick up a thing or two.

How could I resist this unique ranunculus. I think they are so pretty with their stripes.

The little English daisies were too cheery to leave at the nursery

I do have one tulip blooming now. It,s always my first to open

This peony was gorgeous last year, so I was happy to see it coming back so vigorously

The primroses are really pretty this year and I'm loving how naturally my new camera captures reds!

This one has multiplied a few times

And this one is sharing space with the little blue wind anemones

So it seems I have been seeing a strange and new food item popping up a lot lately on foodie blogs, shows and websites...Kale Chips. It had my curiosity piqued, so when I got Kale in my weekly veggie box I decided to give it a try. Really it couldn't be any easier. Kale with stem removed, toss with olive oil and whatever seasonings you like - I used salt and italian seasonings. Bake at 350° til crispy. Eat! Watch this video of a local gardening celebrity (Cisco) and his chef friend for how tos. Cisco is a goofy character and has a Saturday morning gardening show.

I've seen the suggestion to dip the chips in vinegar so used a roasted garlic vinegar I have. YUM!

Randy wasn't crazy about the texture so didn't eat more than the one I gave him to try. So I ate the rest. I guess there are a lot worse things I could eat than a bunch of kale!

I'm participating in Mosaic Monday over at Little Red House . There are always some beautiful photos so go check out.


Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook said...

Beautiful signs of spring, Suzy, so pretty! Love the smilebox and of course, the General is as cute as always :)
Kale chips sound different. Sounds like something they'd sell at Trader Joe's!

Vee said...

Your garden is absolutely gorgeous! I'm chuckling at the little general there. Very helpful!

Kathleen said...

Your garden is looking beautiful! I have never eaten kale, just used it to decorate platters!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Oh, Suzy, you are off and running! I hope we catch up soon.

I've seen that kale recipe and have been wanting to try it. It's supposed to be so healthy and good for you.

EG Wow said...

Spring is beautiful in your gardens! The spring rains have arrived here in Ontario so maybe a few flowers will pop up soon!

Why I garden... said...

Some beautiful colour in the garden, I love the primrose. The kale chips are interesting, might be good dipped in a sour cream based dip? Yum.

Anonymous said...

Your gardens are starting to look good. I saw Cisco too, was wondering how that Kale would taste. Hope you have your swim fins on, it has been pouring all day today. Out pond is out of it banks.

Pondside said...

Your garden is certainly getting filled with colour!
Kale chips - now I don't know about that, but I'll try anything once.

Foley said...

Your garden is looking so colorful!! Glad the General is standing guard!!
I'll go with Randy and pass on the kale chips...

LDH said...

So many pretty things happening in your garden. Fun mosaic and lovely photos! The best one is of your little helper :)

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