Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mosaic Monday ~Opening Night and a Garden Open House

We started the weekend going to the Seattle Mariner's Home Opener. The ceremonies before the game included two Golden Glove award presentaions, the Cy Young award presentation to Felix Hernandez - my current favorite player, and a tribute to the long time radio announcer and Hall of Famer, Dave Niehaus who passed away this fall. His trademark homerun saying was My Oh My! We had a fun night, but temps in the 30s and a less than stellar performance sent us home a little early :-)

Which was got me home at a decent hour and into bed, so I was fresh in the morning to go to a plant sale and garden tour at a place close to me. I had to ride through the country to get there. Which I LOVE. I have a weakness for barns and I loved how the blue on this one matched the color of the sky!

The garden is one I have wanted to visit since first learning of it last year during the Garden Conservancy Open Days tour I went on. The proceeds from those tours went towards the preservation and upkeep of Chase Garden. The garden was originally part of a private home, but now is owned by the Garden Conservancy and a nonprofit organization. You can read more about the garden HERE.

The house itself is modest, but the view is sensational. If the day had been clear you'd see Mt. Rainier in the distance. I plan on returning on my next clear day opportunity! The valley below is the Puyallup River valley which runs from Mt. Rainier to Puget Sound.

The gardens were designed to mimic the mountain meadows and fir forests across that valley. This photo reminds me of some I've taken when visiting Mt. Rainier

The style of the gardens is pretty natural, but there is also beautiful lawn to compliment the more natural areas.

Lots of paths and interesting features including this "stream" bed that reminds me of looking down on the rivers near the mountain - except in miniature.

Can you imagine have this gorgeous path to stroll down while drinking your morning coffee?

Much of the garden is devoted to mass plantings of native and well suited plants to the Pacific Northwest. There are some plants that just look better in groups than bergenia at the center left of this picture.

And these dainty little anemones

Several benches are scattered in the garden for resting and taking it all in

There were a few bulbs planted here and there. More of a compliment to the natives than the focus. Like these daffodils amongst the pulmonarias

And these cute little grape hyacinths

I loved this little sweet clump of blue anemone. I have some growing in my front yard under the viburnum. I'm always excited to see it emerge each year.

There were some really nice shrubs planted throughout including some huge rhodys. It's still early for most to be blooming, but this was was already putting on a show.

This monster hellebore had me thinking I better do some dividing in my yard!

Here and there were patches of primroses running rampant...not a bad thing at all!

Here's a little different perspective looking toward the mountains and house with a view of the "meadow" and paths.

We are still very early in spring here and the heather which is a winter bloomer is still looking pretty

This walkway made my heart go pitter patter.

Beyond the meadow is a wooded area that will have you thinking you were deep in the woods

Ancient fallen trees and moss typical to this area give it a lush green feel.

You can see evidence of a "nurse" tree - fallen many many years ago and "new" trees that grew on and over them hence the elongated exposed roots.

Signs of spring were in the woods too including this spread of trillium or Wake Robin as its commonly known. Do you think its called that since it blooms in spring and its a sign to the Robin to wake up?

Here's a closer look

And here's a little native that I had to buy at the plant sale after seeing it on my tour. Its called Erythronium revolutum or Pink Fawn Lily. The flowers are dainty and fairy like and the foliage is a neat purple and green variegated

Hope you enjoyed the tour. I plan on returning several times this year to photograph it through the seasons. I was told May would be I'll try to hit it then.

I'm joining in for Mosaic Monday over at Little Red House. Check it out HERE.


Marsha said...

Suzy, I just loved this tour and wished I was there walking all those paths with you. So different from prairie gardens and all mossy greens are wonderful. I look forward to seeing the seasons change in this beautiful garden.

What did you get at the plant sale?

Foley said...

Sorry about the game but the garden tour had to make it bittersweet! Looks like you had a wonderful relaxing walk! You'll have to go back mid summer and take more photos...

Kate said...

Loved the tour. Such a beautiful time of the year...rebirth...

Alison said...

Hi Suzy! I went to that plant sale too, and wrote about it on my blog here:

It looks like I missed some of what you saw, but got lots of pictures of moss and lichens. I plan to go back too in May for the Open Days program, I'm hoping to be able to see the mountain then!

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

Suzy, I loved this tour and am going to check out the plant sales in my area now. The baseball game sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Friday evening!

Pondside said...

I'm going to bookmark the site for when I head down that way in mid May. I love to know about something so uniquely local and something that I wouldn't necessarily read about in tour guides.

Carol @ There's Always Thyme to Cook said...

Great tour, Suzy! So much to see! Very pretty flowers! Game looks like fun!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Gorgeous place! You are much more 'springy' there than we are here. Woke up to a snow shower :(

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