Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Cat Ladies!

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I am so inspired by my friend Carolyn (who by the way did the honors of presiding at Randy and I's wedding) and her talented sister Toni, that I wanted to do a little advertisement for their favorite cause. Both of them work tirelessly to support the Humane Society, as well as doing their part to take in quite a few stray and shelter animals. I would venture to say their pets are some of the best cared for around and the feral animals they try to support are very lucky! Carolyn participates in a local Dogathon event every year with her boy Boone and does ask her co-workers to contribute if they can. This year she has tried a different fund raising strategy and is having occasional bake sales to encourage our charity. Now these aren't just your average bake sales. Toni, Carolyn's sister has gone over and above to try and make these bake sale EVENTS! The latest round of goodies were just too cute to not share. Excuse the photo quality...I only had my phone with me. Yesterday there were kitty cupcakes. I had to eat the tongue first! (It's a pink tootsie roll!!)

Today is Eat your Veggies Day...who knew? For this auspicious occasion there were Peas and Carrots on the menu.

And CORN!!!!!

These were topped with my favorite Jelly Belly...popcorn flavored, along with some other flavors that don't matter. I just love this cupcake to pieces.

So just a friendly reminder like Bob Barker used to say...have your pets spayed and neutered and give to your local Humane Society....and maybe someone will make tasty treats for you (or your animals)! Thanks for all you do Carolyn and Toni :-)


♥peachkins♥ said...

Those are some cutie cupcakes!!! Can I have one of each?

Dishesdone said...

Excellent idea for a fundraiser, especially with those cupcakes, Suzy! They're all so cute! Sweet post!

I didn't know about the dog-a-thon. Thanks for the info! Great cause! both my pups are shelter dogs!

Foley said...

Cute cupcakes - was wondering what the toppings were..those jelly beans are amazing as to some of the different flavors they have.

My niece volunteered for years to walk dogs at the local humane society. Ended yo adopting 2 German Shephards over the years, one for her and one for my sister! Super dogs - I have a photo of them on my blog.

Crystal said...

That is an excellent way to sponsor the Humane Society. Those cupcakes are so cool. I would have never thought of them.
I wish people would remember the this to help with over populations of animals. Cats seem to be the animal, around here that are just let out along the road. It is sad.
Thanks for sharing!

imjacobsmom said...

You're right - they are so cute they have to be shared! We do the Dog-a-thon, too. Ours is in May. ~ Robyn

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

I love that Jigsy sponsored this post ;) What a worthy cause and I love the veggie cupcakes - LOL!

Jayne said...

How cute! But the cutest s Jigsy!

Marsha said...

Oops, I read this one earlier in the week on google reader and realized I didn't stop over to comment! I love these cupcakes and the corn on the cob presentation is my favorite. I think it would be a wonderful way to display dessert at a Aug BBQ that features fresh corn on the cob!

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