Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

This Father's Day I am not able to be with my Dad. I'm out here in Washington state and he has been at a golf tournament all week and is travelling back home this weekend. So at least he has been doing something he enjoys! If the weather cooperates my Dad is on the golf course everyday and even sometimes when the weather doesn't cooperate :-) Here he is last summer when my parents came to visit and we went up to Snoqualmie Falls.

I did a little Mother's Day post, so I definitely don't want to slight my Dad on his big day. He's always there for me no matter what. He has even been known to fly out here just to bring me some King Cake! Really..he flew out here..dropped the cake off and flew back to Louisiana the next day. Good thing my brother works for Continental!

I don't have a lot of older pictures of my Dad but I love the ones I do have! Here he is as a teenager...maybe the class photographer? I'm not sure. He still loves to take lots of pictures but he's retired the old brownie. It (or one like it) is still somewhere at my parents house.

Here is my Dad with my PaPa Cocky and my dad's oldest brother, my uncle Raymond. My dad looks like he was still in high school and maybe my uncle was graduating? Suit and tie...seems official!

My dad is from a family of fisherman and they used to own a camp on the bayou. His mother's father was a fishing guide and my Dad would go along with him sometimes. Here is a picture of my Dad, grandfather and one of my Dad's younger brothers, Leroy who we call Uncle Bird.
They look pretty proud of their string of fish huh?

Here's one in more recent years of my Dad, his sister Gussie (myAuntie), my MaMa Robin and Uncle Bird. Not only is Daddy a great father but he was a great son too. This was taken on Mother's Day while we were waiting for a table for lunch at a place in Washington, La. called The Steamboat Warehouse. My Dad and his brothers and sisters always made sure to make a big deal over days like this with my grandmother. Of course..look how sweet she could you not make a big deal about her!

My Dad has never let me down on a big day of mine either. This is one of my favorite pictures ever of him....blowing bubbles on my wedding day.

My Dad has a funny sense of he is with my Mom, the love of his life, on New Year's Eve a few years ago.

And his sense of humor really comes through with his grandkids. My niece Emily can get him to do anything. This was one time when we were visiting with my grandmother in the nursing home.

And this is a favorite pose she makes him do, chunking the Uncle Bird got in on the action too. All of the brothers are cut ups.

Speaking of is Daddy with his first great grandbaby Ryley

One of the sweetest things my Dad has done for me (among many many things!) is to buy my little Jigs for me. He knew I really missed my dog Weezer and wanted to fill that void so he had Randy go shopping and pick out a dog here in Washington, then when we went to Louisiana for Christmas he had this card and a picture of Jigs in it and said he knew I liked pictures so much that he wanted to give me a picture of this little dog. I was so goofy and clueless I put the card back in envelope and laughed and started opening the rest of my presents. I thought he was "getting me back" for the time I put a picture of a birdhouse in a card of his and told him I was going to make it......years later I still never did. So after 10 minutes or so went by they had to tell me the card meant I was getting that little puppy. Of course I burst into tears!

But of course was very very happy the day I picked him up!

I don't really have any recipes to share from my Dad like I did from my Mom, but he is a very good cook and has a few specialties. His BBQ is well known and requested by many. He has BBQ'd on a big scale for charity events and has a hard time toning that down for family events!

I hope you have a great day Daddy and get a little hot tubbin in!

I'd also like to wish my husband a very Happy Fathers Day! Here he is with his son Chase and his Dad a couple of years ago.

And with his little puppy "son" Jigs


SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

What a cute post, Suzy! Your father looks like he is a fun guy with a great sense of humor :) I love the picture of Randy and Jigs too!

♥peachkins♥ said...

Aaaww..great post.

Happy Father's Day to your Dad and to your hubby...

Jayne said...

Suzy, this is such a sweet, sweet post! Sending wishes to your Dad and Randy. My DH had special times with Kit today.

Debbie at Mountain Breaths said...

What a nice post Suzy! Your dad is a keeper. I love the picture of Randy and Jigs!

And we know your father has a wonderful daughter:-)

Emily said...

OMG! Doesn't Brian look just like Leroy in that picture?!

Foley said...

Your Dad seems like such a "cut-up" - I can see the gleem in his eye!!
A beautiful post - enjoyed all the photos..especially the one with you and Jigs and the one of Randy & Jigs!!

Sandra said...

I am one of your Dad's e-mail buddies. I also attend St.Rita's and worked with him at the VA. He is really a cut-up, but also a sweet and loving man-in fact the whole family(the ones that I know). this is a fitting tribute to him. I believe in giving "flowers" while the person can enjoy their beauty here on earth. Hope you enjoyed your day Mr. R.

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