Thursday, January 14, 2010

Flashback Friday ~Roses of July

With all of the winter storm sweeping much of the country recently..and all of the gray skies and rain we are getting here in the Pacific Northwest I thought a flashback to the sunny rosy days of this past July would be nice. No words necessary..they speak for themselves!

If you've got a flashback of you own that you'd like to share add your link below!


Dishesdone said...

They certainly do speak for themselves! They are gorgeous, Suzy!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Beautiful roses, Suzy! By July the dreaded Japanese Beetles make lace doilies out of my roses :( but I can't wait for the first flush of June.

Cynthia said...

Definitely gray skies here PLUS huge piles of filthy, sandy melting snow ... Your rose pictures are just what is needed as a reminder of better weather ahead. I love seeing the beautiful rose colors and gorgeous green.

Foley said...

Your roses are so least it is something to look forward to during this time of year with the frozen tundra in my backyard!!

Mimi said...

Beautiful roses, Suzy!

susan said...

Suzy-That arbor is so gorgeous! I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt :)

Marsha said...

Boo Hoo - I am sorry I wasn't home yesterday to participate in FF!

Your beautiful rose photos are making me long for summer! You have such a great variety of them growing. I wish those many petaled David Austin types grew around here. The wedding arbor is gorgeous covered in roses!

Kathleen said...

The roses are beau!
I didn't know you were doing FF..I knew you weren't feeling well.
You will have to give us a heads up..:)

Maggie B said...

How lovely to see roses in the midst of this dark & chilly winter.
I like the idea of this meme and plan on participating next time.
Thanks for brightening my day.

A Grain of Salt said...

Hi Suzy,
Hmmm, I was sure I made a comment the other night, but it's not here. I must have forgotten to hit submit! Anyhoo, gorgeous roses! I always think of you when I see roses. I hope to start posting on FF again (once my life is organized!).

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

I'm drooling.
I miss my gardens! Please come soon, spring! :)

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