Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday ~Spring Garden Walk

We've had pretty shaky weather this week..mostly gray, sometimes rainy, very occasionally sunny - but the flowers in my yard are still moving forward. Come into the back yard and check it out.

Seems like each day brings something new. One of my favorites at the moment is this False Solomon's Seal which has an amazing rose scent.

And here is the real Solomon's Seal

This lamium is thriving in this mini sea of sweet woodruff. I think this is one from a tiny piece I snitched from a planter outside Safeco Field where the Mariner's play. I had pink..but not purple. Bad Girl I know....what if everyone that passed by took a tiny piece. It would be bald in no time. But I'm the only nut who would worry about a lamium while walking into the ballpark.

This tiny saxifrage is extra cute right now. Fit for a fairy garden for sure...

I keep telling myself that "next year" I am going to have all pastel tulips in this area..but inevitably I forget and a couple of red ones pop up. But if I position my camera just so...I can make it be just like I listened to me.

This is another of my late blooming tulips

If you check back here often enough you will probably get tired of me and my bleeding heart(s)

This is the variety native to the Pacific Northwest

This pure white one brings a lot of light to a shady corner

This is my first hardy geranium to bloom...pretty unassuming compared to the bright blue and pink ones to come. Still cute though!

The columbines are beginning to bloom too

Like the seems like the tamer colors are first. Wish they weren't so shy!

This little anemone 'Vestal' is starting to form a little colony in my shady corner..the more the merrier!

Smells so good right now...with freshly mowed grass and the cottonwood scent floating through the air (their only redeeming quality)

Although the backyard has a lot going on, the front yard won't be outdone!

I've lost track of when I planted these clematis but surely it must be their third year because sleep, creep, leap they have!

My clematis fairy Karen gave me this one and the one to the right of the house...and a majority of the ones in my yard. I think this one might be Asao or a baby from it.

Here's a zoom into my hanging basket...I could resist the ruffly pinkness of these begonias

It won't be long til the peonies are blooming! I hope I can keep these from flopping!

I'll close with one more garden addition....give them a miniature birdbath and a giant toadstool and they will come....fairies that is...Stay tuned. I'm sure they will be moving in any day now...

Hope you enjoyed the garden visit! I'm joining in for Outdoor Wednesday today. Check out all of the other outdoorsy posts at A Southern Daydreamer's place.


luna miranda said...

wow, what incredible flowers you have! the bleeding hearts are amazing! our flowers here are so different, these are all wonderful to my eyes!

Debbie said...

Suzy, the columbine stole my heart. They are one of my spring favorites, with tulips being number one. The 'Vestal' anemone looks like a wee white daffodil.
I can't wait until the fairies move in!!

Marsha said...

I am thrilled to go on this garden walk with you - your yard and gardens are so very beautiful. So green and lush looking all those rainy days are good for something :) I truly think that at sometime all tulips revert back to red, every year I get red ones in a place where they never were before. The double columbine is gorgeous and I agree with Debbie on the little anemone looking like a mini daffodil. I can't believe your clematis is so full of blooms so early in the year - breathtaking (so is your hanging basket) - I looked everywhere for the pink dogwood, is it still in the pot?

I am looking forward to the fairies arriving - it will be so fun!

Foley said...

Just beautiful have such an array that I'm totally jealous. Eventually I will catch up..someday! Can't believe how full your clematis is already. I have one that is in the leap year and two in the creep year... holding on for the LEAP one!!
My fingers are still crossed for the bleeding heart - it is looking good...

Thibeault's Table said...

Suzy, Thank you for the tour. Your garden is beautiful.

Pam said...

Gorgeous! We have a lot of the same flowers, and I see some that I want to try.

Ms. Bake-it said...

You have a lovely home and yard. Love all your beautiful flowers. Thank you for the stroll through your yard.

~ Tracy

Kathleen said...

I did enjoy my garden walk with you! I think I saw BB hiding behind a bush..:)
I love that ruffled begonia too, so pretty! And all the others too. Couldn't pick.
I have a flowering bush I want you to see if you know.. I'll post it ..

Dishesdone said...

Lovely walk, Suzy, and I look forward to many more! Your gardens are always so beautiful!

A Grain of Salt said...

Suzy, I love your garden walk. Everything so pretty and perfect with unusual plants. Thanks for sharing!

Cathy said...

Wow, Suzy, your garden is just awesome. I love everything, especially the bleeding hearts and begonias. When I see your wonderful photos I really miss my old garden, but it was a killer to keep up. Now I'll enjoy yours.

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