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Flashback Friday ~Edgewood Garden

One day last month I visited three local private gardens through The Garden Conservancy Open Days which is something like the National Preservation society except for gardens. I did a post about one already and thought it was time to show another (and my favorite of the three). Since this took place last month I'm using it as my Flashback this Flashback Friday.

Edgewood Garden was the last garden I visited that day and I almost didn't go because it was a little farther away than the other two. I am so glad I didn't wimp out, because I truly will never be the same gardening wise after seeing this beautiful place. This Monet like setting may give you a bit of a hint at why I feel this way.

The property is 32 acres and they have about 6 developed. A couple of former Microsofters bought the place 7 years ago and most of the gardens have been put in since, which is incredible given the amount of work that I know went into it. You can tell the place has been a labor of love..they have mixed a lot of styles together and somehow it works. I took almost 200 pictures while I was there and seriously could have taken double that, so this is going to be a long post, but if you are a garden lover it should be worth the amount of inspiration you will get by seeing some of this amazing place. You enter the garden from the road through this beautiful gate

And travel down a long driveway that is flanked in part on the right by tiny can't call it a pond

On the left you get glimpses of a cute out building

At the end of the driveway you find yourself at a gorgeous modern home that sits in the middle of the gardens. The scale of the gardens and home are hard to capture. Trust me when I say that the house is of mansion proportions and the developed gardens would be the envy of most botanical gardens.

The garden is not often open to the general public, but they do about 50 fundraisers there a year and have a huge "sun room" which is really more like a banquet hall. There were tables set up and refreshments being served.

I just have to share their "to be planted" area. More stock than some small nurseries! And so the work to build this wonderful place continues. And Randy fusses when I have a flat or two that sits for more than a few days.

The property has an amazing view of Mt. Rainier and the valley below. In the valley is a major highway and an industrial area, but the garden has been designed to hide most of that from view.

There are intricate stone pathways and stepping stones throughout, like this one

And this, which leads to the potager (fancy for vegetable and herb garden!)

I don't know exactly how large the potager is, but its as long as the white partition and probably just as deep..maybe more.

The whole thing is surrounded by white fencing and gates, with bricked steps, graveled paths and raised brick beds

Here I'm standing at the back of the potager looking back

One common theme to Edgewood Garden is the creation of garden rooms. Even here in the veggie plot.

I captured another Monet like image here

As you leave the potager through one entrance you travel through this wisteria covered structure

As you get closer you see what a nice place it would be to rest a while after hoeing weeds

It has a gorgeous sky blue ceiling

Can you say Nap Time!

Just outside of this relaxing spot you find yourself at an expansive lawn surrounded by roses

And porticos that look like they could have been around at the turn of the century.

I love this little dove fountain

From the rose garden you can travel through an area planted with mostly native perennials and arrive back at the little lake

Then cross the driveway and explore another pathway

In the clearing we get a better view of the neat little building we caught a glimpse of on the way in.

It sits just outside of the labyrinth garden, whose entrance you see here

If you followed the design of the labyrinth you could walk here all day

And smell the lavender

And pick a sweet fruit from one of the many trees. It serves as a little orchard as well.

Here is a view looking back towards the labyrinth

And the neighbors...its such a peaceful pastoral scene

The grassy mowed field served as a parking lot for this event and could hold probably a hundred cars or more at once. I'm sure there must be plans for it in the future..thinking of all those plants sitting on the carport that need a home :-) My destination was the latticed area in the distance

The field is bordered by this deep perennial bed

The "doors" into this garden room are grand with an exotic flavor that sets the tone for the next section of gardens

So many different perennials line the paths it is mind boggling...

Many different varieties of fine plants.

Because of the amazing vistas I took more wide views than close ups

But there were some gorgeous plants. Like these peonies

I really couldn't get enough of the beautiful country side though

Farther up the path you come to yet another garden room with what I think of as a Polynesian islandy feel.

Through and past this room is a section of the garden given to special trees

And more amazing perennials and shrubs

The path would continue around the back of the house, but we were turned around at this spot

On the way back another path leads you into a clearly Japanese themed room and garden

I stopped a minute to snap a closer shot of some of the alliums that were heavily planted throughout

As you enter the Japanese garden you are suddenly transformed to some other time and place

The steep bridge crosses a dry creek which would appear at first glance to be naturally occurring. But closer inspection shows it to be very well planned.

What Japanese garden would be complete without a traditional lantern to guide the way

Looking back over the bridge after crossing

More statuary lending to the asian flair

And a closer view of the ordered chaos of the dry creek, running along the front of the house.

With a little Pacific Northwest touch..salmon swimming upstream?

And we are at the front door of the house. Imagine ringing this doorbell to announce your entrance!

I was reluctant to leave this beautiful place

And had to pause for a few minutes at this perfect little spot by the grassy waters edge

I would have loved to spend a few hours here, maybe reading a nice easy reading book or having a picnic. *SIGH*

But I got myself up off that bench and traipsed back down the drive..glancing once more at the country neighbors

As I was headed to my car parked outside the gate, I noticed the for sale sign on the property across the street. Do you think if I was their neighbor they would let me come visit sometime??? I'm taking donations....

I hope you enjoyed the garden tour and aren't sorry you suffered through all of those pictures. Just be aware I left a LOT out! I know I've been showing a lot more garden than kitchen lately, but when the kitchen's hot I'm not doing a lot of cooking! Winter will be here soon enough...or a rainy weekend! If you've got a Flashback of any kind that you'd like to share please add your link below.

I'm joining in on Fertilizer Friday at Tootsie Time this week. While I didn't share my own flowers this week I think its definitely worthy of sharing! Go check out all of the pretty blooms!


Marsha said...

What a wonderful tour via your photos this was! I wish I could have been there in person to share the visit with you. These are such beautiful gardens and I especially love all the structures creating the garden room areas. I really enjoyed this tour :)

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Wow, these are some awesome pictures! It's like looking in a magazine! Love the monet images, tee-hee!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

What a gorgeous place, Suzy! I love the water shots - so serene. The Japanese garden is gorgeous too and I had to smile when I saw those 'fish'.

I think I'll go out and pick a zucchini from my potager now ;)

Katerina said...

Such peaceful sceneries. Great photos. They give you a sense of tranquility.

Dishesdone said...

Gorgeous, what a gorgeous place, Suzy!

I don't have a Potager, but I do have a couple pots. Of herbs :)

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

I am so glad you shared this gorgeous garden. I just love garden tours.

Kate said...

What a lovely day and wonderful tour! Thank you for sharing.

Alison said...

Thanks so much for posting these pics of Edgewood. I considered going to some of the Conservancy tours last month, but the weekend was just too busy. There are more coming up in August, and I think I will make the time! Unfortunately, Edgewood won't be open to the public again till next year, so I missed my chance! And I am close by it, too. Oh well, next year for sure.

Vee said...

That is an incredible garden. All I can think of is the effort and labor involved to maintain it. I'm exhausted on a postage stamp.

Alea said...

What a gorgeous garden! You really have captured it beautifully in your photos. I will have to add it to my list of places to see when I visit my brother. Thanks for the tour.

Shirley said...

Suzy, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! You have a beautiful blog and such gorgeous photography!!

RainGardener said...

What a beautiful almost magical place to visit. I enjoyed your photos soooooooooo much. I wish I knew when things like this were going on I wouldn't mind the drive to go see them. O'well your tour was wonderful.

Karen said...

Suzy, thank you for taking us on a virtual tour of the garden...what a beautiful place! Karen

Tootsie said...

great tour!!! what a wonderful place...I would love to visit in person!

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