Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flashback Friday ~Better Homes and Gardens

Every Friday I try to feature a flashback. My flashback this Friday is food related, but more about a memory than a recipe. I made Reuben sandwiches this week (no pics - we were hungry!). While I was assembling the ingredients to make the sandwiches I realized I had no Thousand Island dressing which is pretty key to the taste.

Now, I am an internet searching fiend...I can find anything I need, just give me enough time. But at that moment I didn't really want to take even the 5 minutes it might take me to search and find a recipe that I felt I could rely on, so I fell back on a recipe from one of the cookbooks I've owned the longest.

While I have older cookbooks in my collection, the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook is possibly the one I first acquired. My wonderful big sister, who just celebrated a birthday yesterday gave me this cookbook when I moved into my first apartment during college.

It's a gift giving tradition she has continued and one that I love! Many of my very favorite cookbooks, several of them signed by the authors were given to me by my sister Cindy. Along with the cookbook she gave me this cute bookmark, which I also collect. I recall her telling me that it was the only food related one she could find. The cover has seen better days, but it still works for me!

On one tragic note, I realized as I was browsing through the book and flashing back to this memory that 22 years has passed since I received it. Can I really be that old?????? EEEKS My only consolation is that I will always be 9 years younger than my sister!!!! hehehe

In addition to this weeks flashback I thought I would share a few early August things from my yard this week. Here is one of the last of my favorite daylilies this year

I'm so glad I bought this sunflower a few weeks ago.

It's really brightening up the bed its in.

This daylily isn't letting up yet!

This little guy posed long enough for me to get a few shots

This little ice plant is finally blooming

Another newly opened this week, this purple bee balm

And not quite opened eyed susan

How about one more day lily...may as well enjoy them while they are still around

These marigolds are almost glowing

A self sown nigella..not sure where it came from because I haven't had any in the yard for a couple of years.

I'm showing you half of my bubbling rock flower bed because I like the yellow blue thing I have going. The other half isn't cooperating with that theme though lol.

My little jungle corner with an angel peeping through.

If anyone has a Flashback of any kind please add your link below. It can be a flashback of any kind!

I'm also participating in Foodie Friday at Design's by Gollum

And Fertilizer Friday at Tootsie Time
Go check out all of the pretty blooms!


Darla said...

Beautiful display of flowers here.

Marsha said...

I never knew those ingredients were in thousand island dressing, especially the eggs. How fun that you sister gives you all those cookbooks - it is a perfect gift for you.

I love all the latest blooms and I do like you blue/yellow area - so striking. Do you know the name of the daylily right above the marigolds - the pink one? It is so pretty.

Have a great weekend.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

My older sister (8-1/2 years my senior) gave me my first cookbook too. I think it was Betty Crocker although BH&G was not far behind.

I was going to ask you the name of that pretty pink daylily too. I'm going to miss mine when they're gone which will be soon.

Katerina said...

The sunflower looks so beautiful. I love those flowers. I had a flashback regarding my school days. Check it out if you have the time in my blog.

Kate said...

Had that same experience with my Betty Crocker Cookbook!

I love Thousand Island Dressing...yum!

Beth said...

Suzy, I am still enjoying your Ice Cream Social. I've made 3 recipes so far (all were excellent!) and have a few more on my list. Now on to gardening: I really like your fountain. Your daylilies and sunflower are so pretty, and the nigella is fabulous! Enjoy your weekend!
Hugs, Beth

Dishesdone said...

I love you consolation! Does your sister read this? LOL!
Love the flashback to the book :)

and your flowers are always stunning! Especially the sunflowers!

Reubens! You give me a craving now!

Erin said...

The sunflower DID add a "sunny"'re right. Funny about your cookbook, I just wrote about my 1968 version of the same book...

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