Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Garden Walk and Garden Pasta Salad

This weekend wasn't really summer like, with temps in the 60s and drizzly rain, but the flowers are still blooming and not giving up on summer yet. But I can tell felt like fall to me!

First stop on today's tour is the front yard. The hydrangea in the front has a nice bright pink color and some purple mixed in.

Here's a little closer look.

I planted some zinnias in the front bed a while ago and they have done really well, especially after I sprinkled some slug bait....(sorry organic gardeners but if you could see the size of them you'd be scared!).

This daylily still has quite a few blooms to go...most of my others are on their last legs

So heading around the side of the house...Look, there's a little somebody peeking around the corner waiting for you to come into the back yard for a look around.

Right at the base of the arbor I planted a few nasturtium seeds this year. Actually I sprinkled them throughout the yard. They have such cheery little faces.

One thing that you'll notice today are the phlox in full swing. That's a rose campion in the foreground.

Here's a new little perennial I've added this year, a Penstemon. Its looking happy in its new home.

The bees are going crazy at the moment. Bee Balm is attractive to them for sure.

But this Dark Knight Bluebeard (Caryopteris) is a magnet too.

The name to this one is escaping me at the will drive me crazy now til I remember. Its just starting to bloom. Rose Mallow maybe......

Super Fairy is still looking super :-) Let's go under the arbor and out the gate into the "wilderness" behind my fence. I think I spy a little exciting surprise out there.

While we're back here lets enjoy the wild flowers (also know as weeds to some).

This makes a pretty magenta flower when its open. But the bud is really interesting too!

Herb Robert...the wild geranium looking pretty and dainty

And here's a hint to what I spied over the fence

Yes!~ The blackberries are almost ripe! I actually found a few that were and I took a nibble or two. If they are all like my sample they will be good! It's too bad my sister-in-law isn't here to help me pick some! She was so excited when they came to visit to find that we had them growing just outside the gate. Time to come back and see us Sherry!

By this time next week I will have bowls full in the fridge! Until then lets get on with the rest of our little tour. A new opening this pretty little pink anemone and look who was hiding. I didn't see him until I reviewed the pics on the computer.

Won't be much longer before the tall sedums are blooming. I think they look neat at this stage too.

Here's another daylily breathing its last breath.

And a cute little hardy geranium blooming for the second time. I think its Geranium oxonianum, maybe Katherine Adele.

Now finally we are at the veggie garden where there's not yet much to harvest, but there are some pretty blooms!

And that's the end of the tour today! Time for a light lunch. My friend Kathleen said my post yesterday was a heart attack on a plate, so to prove to her (and to me) that I can eat healthy I made up a Garden Pasta Salad, heavy on the veggies. This is the kind of thing you make based on what you have on hand so my ingredient list is just a guide and very sketchy.

Garden Pasta Salad

1 large carrot, cut into thin small pieces
1 bell pepper, cut into thin small pieces
2 small ribs of celery, cut into thin small pieces (are you seeing a trend here?)
1 large cucumber cut into thin small pieces
Cherry tomatoes, a couple of handfuls cut in half
Salami, I had maybe 2 ounces, cut into small pieces
Real Bacon, I had maybe a tablespoon left in the bag to throw in
Parmesan cheese shavings, to taste
Spiral pasta, about a cup, then cooked and drained
Ranch dressing to cover all ingredients

Mix all above with dressing. I ate some right away, but its probably good cold too. I'll find out tomorrow at lunch! This made quite a bit, enough for a potluck salad or a light lunch for a small family.


Katerina said...

Your garden is like heaven. All these beautiful flowers. I wonder how much time you spend on it so as to enjoy all this beauty. Your salad also looks very refreshing.

Marsha said...

I really enjoy your garden walks you have such a beautiful yard and garden. I enjoy the variety of plants you have because many are so different than what I have. I do have that rose mallow and it will self seed (or maybe with birdie helping) all over the yard but it is a very pretty flower.

Those blackberries look good - I can't wait to see what you make with them. The salad is pretty tasty too :)

Tootsie said...

absolutely gorgeous!!! and that recipe sounds delicious!

Autumn Belle said...

So many pretty blooms. I like the arbor. The salad is healthy and yummy.

RainGardener said...

Beautiful flowers. I've enjoyed my stroll through your gardens. Your collage is very attractive with the green foliage and green borders. I like that!

Dishesdone said...

Beautiful flowers, Suzy! So pretty!

That salad looks delicious, even Miss Picky would love it, not sure about Kathleen, LOLOL, she's even pickier than my Miss Picky!

Kate said...

Sounds delicious!!

Cathy said...

Your photos are beautiful, Suzy. Your garden is so lush and green and the flowers are so colorful. Love hydrangeas and zinnias the most.

Those blackberries will soon be ripe and ready for a pie.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Everything looks beautiful in your garden, Suzy! I wish I could help you pick those blackberries ;) I love that sweet anemone with its visitor.

My kind of pasta salad - heavy on the veggies!

Debbie said...

What a wonderful walk in your gardens today. Everything looks beautiful! Your salad looks delicious!

Maralyn45 said...

Beautiful would be pleasure walking in your garden and to have a lovely view..

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