Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flashback and Foodie Friday ~Happy Anniversary

Randy and I celebrated a wedding anniversary...6 years..this past weekend. We were both under the weather, so we waited until Monday to go out for a nice Italian dinner. So this week for Flashback Friday I'm flashing back to September 25, 2004. My kitchen was transformed into catering headquarters.

And the backyard a wedding chapel with refreshments in the rear

We tied the knot under what I now call the wedding arbor. That's my pal Reverend Carolyn...a coworker that became ordained for the occasion and has gone on to marry quite a few other couples. She was great and had us in stitches the whole time. Although we look pretty serious at this moment.

I moved the wedding arbor to our back gate and this is what it looked like this summer.

We had plenty of good food

We even had shish kabobs grilling around the corner from the "chapel"

Some of my family came from sister wouldn't have missed it. She's always there for me!

Here is my mom's baby sister that I call Nanny and my pal Alice from work. I bet you can tell which one I'm related to!

We had two store bought which was very forgettable and one unforgettable Shrek cake made my Alice's sister and my friend Susie. I keep the figurines in the kitchen window to remind me of the day.

And the thing that made me cry first that beautiful bouquet made by a friend, Mary from work. I couldn't have imagined anything so pretty! I'm not sure where she found those hydrangeas in late September. I have a few stragglers on my bushes, but for the most part they are way over ripe!

So 6 years sweet hubby is still making me smile and this year he got me an anniversary gift that shows he really knows me well. Wahoooooo!

I am now a slicing dicing chopping fool!

Happy Anniversary Honey! I'll have to whip you up something good *wink*

I you have a flashback you'd like to share add your link below!

I'm joining in for Foodie Friday this week over at Designs by Gollum. Hopefully my wedding food and new processor qualifies! Check it out HERE.


Carol said...

Randy is the best! That's a perfect anniversary gift! Congratulations, Suzy, this is a fabulous flashback to such an amazing time and may you and Randy have many, many more in the years ahead!

Marigene said...

Happy anniversary, Suzy and Randy, many more to you! The arbor is gorgeous with all the climbing roses.

Kathleen said...

I forgot about the Shrek Cake, too funny!

I love your new gift! I have that on my wish list as soon as my cuisinart goes. I have already replaced the bowl as a little plastic part snapped off rendering it useless! I use mine a lot. It makes easy work of 10 lbs of carrots for Tgiving.
Happy Anniversary!

Now just say NO to the i d word! :)

Unknown said...

What a lovely occasion and Happy Anniversary!! Wonderful looking food :)


SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Happy Anniversary, Suzy! I remember some of those photos so well. The Shrek cake still makes me smile.

Oh my gosh, look at that wedding arbor now! It's gorgeous.

Foley said...

Always love looking at your wedding photos - especially the Shrek cake!! I guess Randy does know you well..great gift, but was ir for you or HIM!!! LOL
Hope you had a wonderful Anniversary - after you both felt better!

Debbie@Mountain Breaths said...

Wishing you and Randy a belated happy annniversary! The shrek cake makes me chuckle :-)

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