Saturday, February 13, 2010

Foodie Field Trip

There is a small (5 store) local food chain in the Seattle/Tacoma area that is my idea of foodie paradise. I restrain myself from going very often because it is also very hard on the pocketbook and I can't resist filling my buggy with goodies. It's close enough to get there and back during lunch hour (unless you have the experience I had..stay tuned) so I treated myself to a trip this week. Metropolitan Market is filled with those hard to find ingredients that I read about in bloggerland but have a hard time finding in "regular" grocery stores. Like this Himalayan pink salt I've been coveting..well...because it's pink!

They also have "regular" stuff too! But even that is a little irregular, like glass bottled milk that is so rare now days.

The cheese selection is amazing. Local cheeses, as well as traditional old world varieties

I can't resist samples..and tried this one out. So then I had to buy it...

The bakery goods are to die for and they stock things from local hot spots like Seattle's Macrina Bakery. I opted for this sparkly pink cookie

And an individual serving of Whoopie Pie!

So this is the point in the story that made me 10 minutes late getting back to work from my "lunch" and also made me paranoid to take lots of pictures (although I did snap a few more!) I was trying to inconspicuously snap a shot of the amazing breads and a lady almost got in the problem I told her I'm just getting a few photos for my blog.

Well this set her off...and she proceeded to tell me how her sister in law is obsessed with picture taking and how much she hates it. I assured her I wasn't interested in taking pics of people..only food! I though at first she was mad at me, but it turned out she was just wanting to have a gab fest. I couldn't shake her! lol She just chatters on and on commenting on things in my buggy and telling me about her favorite products in the store. She decided to go back and get some strawberries and devonshire cream like I had....pictured here as I ate them tonight.

So I was finally able to separate from her and snuck over to the rainbow of veggies

And out of the corner of my eye I see her coming into the area so I hurried to the other side of the store where the fabulous bakeware and cookware section is. This is where I need to wear my blinders because there are so many things I absolutely that pizza peel...and that paella pan...

As I made my way back to the aisles that I missed during my escape, I saw my "friend" chatting with two other ladies so I felt safe to mosey along a little bit. I grabbed one of the quarterly food magazines they put out for the reasonable price of 99 cents! There are some really great recipes included.

About this time, I glanced at my watch, thinking it was almost time to wrap things up and head back to work when I heard behind me....Miss Blogger Lady...Miss Blogger Lady.... bless her heart..she wanted to ask me a question about sugar. Should she buy cane sugar or was the store brand okay. And was it okay to store flour in the freezer? And did it really matter what kind of chocolate chips she put in her cookies?? She truly was a very nice lady and I tried to answer her questions the best I could. But I did finally have to tell her I was going to be late! lol But not too late to leave these in the store....

The slogan on the box did it for me

And the endorsement!

On the way out I couldn't resist snapping a shot of these beautiful roses

And these sunflowers...

Then I took my Betty Crocker self to my car and back to work...the real world!


Marsha said...

Suzy, what a fun post - I felt like I was tagging along evading your "new friend" with you :) How fun to see all the gourmet goodies, I would have to pace my visits as well. The shots you chose with all the beautiful colors are fantastic and I'll never eat a cupcake again without remembering that slogan!

Happy Valentines Day.

Foley said...

I bet puppies follow you home too!!

The store looks like a place you could spend a few hours in, let alone a quick lunch time trip.

Just the type of post I needed to read first thing this morning - love the slogan for the cupcakes!!

Debbie said...

Suzy, if you ever take me there, I might move in! I chuckled over your new friend :-)Great cupcake slogan! Thanks for taking us along.

Cynthia said...

What a fabulous store, Miss Blogger Lady :)

I would not want to frequent that store too often; I don't have enough self-control to shop in a place like that on a regular basis. ... The nicest store we have around here is a Whole Foods, and it doesn't begin to compare with your Metropolitan Market.

"Does a booty good" ... what a funny slogan for cupcakes.

I know another young lady that would not be able to pass up that pretty pink, sparkly cookie.

Dishesdone said...

Hey Betty Crocker, fantastic place! Thanks for the tour! Trade Joe's just got in some of that pink salt. It all looks so fabulous, I wish we had that market here. I could spend days! Milk in glass bottle, the strawberries and cream, cheeses galore! What a place! yes, Paradise! Too funny about the lady! Be careful she might friend you on FB, LOLOL!

Will you be able to get there on your new lunch hour?

Kathleen said...

That was fun! Thanks for the tour..I think I could spend a few hours there looking at everything!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

What a great store and great post, Suzy! We have a similar store here but not quite the unusual selections as yours. I had to laugh at the chatty lady you couldn't shake and the 'does a booty good' - LOL! Our store has a Real Food magazine too -

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