Sunday, February 7, 2010

Life is Good! Geaux Saints!

For this Louisiana girl...I'm not sure a day could get much better :-) My Saints are in the Superbowl..gumbo is on the stove and I have flowers blooming in my flower garden. How could it get much better :-)

Maybe it could get better with Fleur de Lis Cookies?

It may still be winter but the sun is definitely shining on me today! Meet my new sunny faced addition to the garden. Cathy, a very special family friend..really she's family, sent us this for Christmas. Her Dad lives in Mexico so she's got a connection to the good stuff! Thanks Cathy!!

We've had really mild weather this year while the rest of the country seems to be suffering with colder and snowier than normal. Our early spring flowers seem to be a little earlier than normal as a result.

Although the heather has been in bloom for a while...its really a great plant for winter color if does well in your area.

My friend Kellie gave me a bunch of snowdrops last year and I sprinkled them throughout the yard so its been fun to see them come up.

Mini Irises are so much fun..they don't last long but they sure make an impact. This is 'Harmony'

I added this one last year and am so happy to see it return. It's called 'Katherine Hodgkin'

And 'Purple Gem'

The primroses are all starting to open up. These purple ones are usually the earliest

The pink pulmonaria open before the blue ones

The hellebores are all pretty happy at the moment

I've gotten a little variety but there are still lots more I need!!

I love the little freckles on this one

And the delicate pattern on this one

I'm off to enjoy the Super Bowl at friends house.....hope down deep you're all rooting for New Orleans - the city needs this! GEAUUUUUUUX SAINTS!


SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Jealously on two counts! First, that our Packers aren't in the Superbowl; and second, that you have so much in bloom already! I can't wait to see my little irises again. Hopefully, they'll be showing off their pretty faces by the end of March or beginning of April. Good luck to your Saints! Who Dat?

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Forgot to say I love your new sun face from Mexico! Very pretty!

Foley said...

So jealous of your blooms!!!

Good Luck to your SAINTS!!! I have a feeling you won't be bringing any of the gumbo home...

Mimi said...

I am rooting for the Saints, but so far it doesn't look too good. :(
Wow, you have spring flowers, already? It will be a while before we see is snowing right now.

Cynthia said...

Cute fleur-de-lis cookies, Suzy ... I will be pulling for both teams to play well. And hopefully regardless of the game's outcome, the publicity from the Saints' great season will help keep NO's recovery in the forefront.

I love seeing your blooms ... You always have lots of color and variety.. Snowed here today, AGAIN. Who knows when we'll see any.

Thibeault's Table said...

Your Fleur-de-lis cookies are sweet.

I really love your Mexican sun face. What a nice addition to your garden.

Crocus and snow drops are up here too. I love early springs.

Mimi said...

Woo hoo, they won, they won!

Dishesdone said...

CONGRATS on a really great win, Suzy!

Your blooms are gorgeous! What a nice head start you have for spring.

Debbie said...

Suzy, you must be on cloud nine! Very cute fleur-de-lis cookies for your beloved Saints :-)

I am a bit envious of your blooms, but know I can live vicariously through you! Love the Mexican sun.

Kate said...

I can't believe all of the flowers blooming! A palette of color!

The cookies are perfect for the game...or, anytime!

Full Size said...

Beautiful flowers, but more importantly WHO DAT. What an amazing win for the whole city of New Orleans. I was down there for New Years for the first time and it's unbelievable how much they love their Saints there.

susan said...

Who Dat!!! Can you believe it??? I never watch the Superbowl with interest and could not tear myself away this time. I am SO happy for them and the whole state! Love your cookies!

Suzy said...

Thanks everybody! It was a great game and a great outcome! I still can't believe it.

Kathleen said...

Congratulations, Suzy! I am happy you are happy!
Once the Jets were out, it didn't much matter to me!
I love your cookies...very NO sey!

And the flowers..oh my..I happy to see lawn..which from what I hear will be covered again Wed...

They are just Beautiful!
Hope Mr Bouquet is improving!
We have to dance on our birthdays!

Marsha said...

Congratulations on the Super Bowl win! The cookies are the perfect party food :)

I too am jealous of all the beauty popping out in your garden already! Mine is under at least 2 ft of snow...sniff, sniff.

I love the little irises and every year I say I am going to add hellebores - after seeing yours I really need to do it!

Cindy said...

I saw a few fleur de lis cookies recently, but yours are the prettiest by far!

What a game ... and I'm not even a fan (of the sport). How can you not be a fan of the whole Who Dat Nation?!

Have you seen either of these?

オテモヤン said...


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