Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My friend Kathleen at Cuisine Kathleen is hosting a virtual St. Patrick's Day party today and I am late to for sure! I've been trying to get myself together all day but I seem to have a lack of green and St. Patrick's day decorations so I had to throw on my St. Patty's shirt and look in unconventional places :-)

Randy was no help. This was his way of avoiding a pinch today. (I pinched him anyways!)

My calendar offered a little bit of inspiration...but somehow it didn't seem Irish enough.

And it is that time of the year again...minty green! But no this won't do either.

I still needed more inspiration!

I even searched at the nursery my parents and I visited today.

They did have a good suggestion!

These were cute.

If I had a few extra gold coins I would have bought these for the party.

Once home I resumed my search around the house for more green.

How about my little Shrek bride and groom! Are ogres Irish?
Probably not....

A little left over Mardi Gras green...

How about some Southwestern Green?

What about this kind of green?

Or these outside

Maybe some moss? Kinda Irish...

Nahhhh.... Okay how about this. I think we are getting warmer!

Yes I definitely think we are getting somewhere. I even found a "shamrock" hiding in the spider plant.

And look! An actual St. Patty's day decoration! We are really on a roll.

But what to cook? I had one of this while I thought about it....

How about Corned Beef! And Cabbage! and Potatoes! and Carrots! Eureka! So in the crockpot it all went. I "just happened" to have a trio of potatoes for the occasion. The purple ones look kind of scary. :-)

While that's cooking I figured we needed dessert. These Irish Oatmeal Shortbread cookies seemed to fit the bill. They come from a great little website called Diana's Desserts. Click here for the recipe.

And look at this cute guy I came across in my quest.

While the rest of it cooked I decided we needed bread too, so I whipped up some Rye bread using the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes recipe. I thought we could use some more clovers!

And look what I found in the fridge to go with these little cuties......MMMMM. I have more Irish hanging around than I thought :-)

So for better or worse I guess it all fell into place. The veggies were tasty.

And the meat was tender.

Plus we had a couple of extra places set at the table and my parents to share the meal with.

And cookies left for dessert!

Thank you Kathleen for hosting such a fun event. I hope you'll do it again next year!!


Sara said...

Love all the decorations - the meal looks fabulous! Those cookies are so cute and festive.

Kathleen said...

That was great, Suzy..all things green.
Love your cookies, they looks so good, and the corned beef too..
Thanks for coming to the party, it is still early by you!
And so good of you to do it with your parents there too.
I didn't know Shrek was an Irish lad..just thought he ate something bad and turned
Love the flowers too!

Foley said...

Suzy - you just love making an entrance !! lol
The first plant - purplish shamrock..I have one of those I started last summer and have been wintering it, forgot all about it -I'll have to take a pic of it!
Love all your green..have never seen the butter before.. Cookies were really cute... Very good job!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Suzy, what a darling post! Your photographs are wonderful, and I adored that one of the leprechaun on the tray looking sideways. LOL! Everything was perfection on this post. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Erin go braugh!


Sheila :-)

Debbie at Mountain Breaths said...

Suzy, you have more green than I do! I love all your special touches and decor. A wonderful send off meal for your parents, and the shamrock bread is great!

Dishesdone said...

Suzy, I think it all fell into place for a perfect St Patrick's Day party! Great job! Great post! I thought everyone was Irish on St Patrick's Day, so O'Shrek and Mrs. O'Shrek are just perfect!

Jayne said...

Suzy, wow, doesn't look like you had to pull things together... it's all fantastic! You do have lots of green things. Your food looks great and I would love those cookies. Of course, I love the flowers too. Very nice job!

Cynthia said...

Suzy, I thoroughly enjoyed your quest for green. I wasn't surprised to see the Pat O'Brien's glass. But for me, the most unique green was Mr. and Mrs. Shrek..... I'm sure there's a story behind them.

The corned beef, cabbage, and veggies look delicious. And I definitely want to check out those oatmeal cookies. I can imagine how tasty the "A in 5" rye clover roll were with the Kerrygold butter

What a festive table ... dragonfly plates with the green gingham napkins made for a beautiful table.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Great presentation & enjoyed every bit of it.

SusanQ said...

What a darling post, Suzy! I loved your quest for green and you certainly came up with a lot more than I have. You are a clever little leprechaun! I am especially envious of the green you found at the nursery and in your garden, though!

I'd love one of those oatmeal shortbread cookies to have with my lunch!

Marsha said...

Sorry I'm late commenting...I went to bed early last night and forgot today :-)

Your quest for green was fun and the wedding couple is to cute for words. We love shrek!

Your meal looks and how neat that you had irish butter to go with the shamrock rolls. The crockpot cooking method sounds easy too.

Those cookies sound unique with oatmeal in them. I've never heard of an oatmeal cutout one.

Wonderful post...Really enjoyed celebrating another holiday with you.

Mimi said...

I love it, everything green....

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