Monday, March 30, 2009

Fooling Around

My friend Carol over at There's Always Time to Cook is hosting a little April Fools Party. She's already got the appetizers out so I think I will show up a little early and give her a hand! I had a lot of fun with my dishes for this party. I guess I'm good at being a fool :-)

I had a hard time making up my mind there were so many cute prankster foods out there to try. I got some great inspiration from The Surreal Gourmet , a Food Network Canada chef. Not all of his recipes are fit for April Fool's Day, but he has some that are incredible. This Cauliflower Soup that looks like a bowl of cheerios had me hooked! Search his recipes for some interesting and unique recipes. I also got inspiration from another *unique* individual, Twinkie Chan. I ADORE her crochet food creations, and she also does some faux food. Check out her Sunday Brunch club here. For those of you who haven't hear of Twinkie, she makes a killing selling crochet items like the ones you see in this Flickr set. Some of her stuff goes for $100-200 like this scarf.

I fell in love with this stuff so much I tried my hand at it a couple of years ago as well. But I still want to make one of those cupcake scarves because I don't have $175 to spend on a Twinkie original.

So even though The Surreal Gourmet and Twinkie gave me good inspiration I found a "recipe" elsewhere that I just kept coming back to. Like Carol's recipe this comes from Family Fun online (what a great place!). I thought it would be a challenge and a little bit out of the ordinary. I have to say..this was a blast to put together!!!!

The "spaghetti sauce" is my homemade Raspberry Green Tomato jam instead of strawberry ice cream topping. So there realllllly are tomatoes in the sauce :-) The spaghetti is buttercream icing twirled over little hunk of angelfood cake.

I made a few substitutions. For the meatballs I used Ferrer Rocher chocolates instead of the malted milk balls called for. I like bigger meatballs!! The "parsley flakes" on the "garlic bread" are large green sugar crystals instead of sprinkles and the bread itself is angel food cake instead of lady fingers.

So I know what you're thinking....did I really eat this??? Yes I actually tasted all of it. It was good!!! Sweet but good :-)

I couldn't resist trying another recipe that I've seen quite a bit here and there online. This was just too much fun!

Mini burgers and a fries anyone?

This would be a great little thing to make with kids.

I used this from Allrecipes as a guide.

I have one more little April Fools to add from my garden. This poor little pink ranunculus had an early April Fools joke played on them this weekend. We got a surprise snowfall and they got new snow hats! The snow melted quickly and they are back to their spring looking selves but the joke was sure on them (and us) for a day or so!

Be sure and visit Carol's blog to see what she and everybody else at the party has going on!

I've entered this post over at Design by Gollum's Foodie Friday Potluck! Go check out all of the other yummy blogs listed on her website.


Cynthia said...

Suzy, what a superb post ... You're so fun. I remember having seen your crocheted food before. ... very cute.

And yes, Mother Nature routinely performs April Fool's jokes on all of us. ... Poor little pink ranunculus, I'm glad that she survived Mother Nature's prank.

I love the spaghetti dinner ... I like the bigger meatballs too. What did you use for the spaghetti?

The mini burgers look great. ... I bought the ingredients yesterday for Addi and I to make. Let's hope it really is a great thing to make with kids.

SusanQ said...

I love your post, Suzy! I saw those mini burgers too and thought how cute they were. I love your 'spaghetti dinner'! I was going to try that one too but I do have a couple of other things ready ;)

SusanQ said...

I forgot to add that I think your faux crotcheted desserts are adorable and remember them very well!

Foley said...

Suzy - you're too much! Love the the spaghetti the white choc. through a pastry bag? I think your meatballs look better than the malted milk balls would have been.
The burgers and fries so cute also..

I remember seeing the crocheted pieces before..if anyone can do it - you CAN!!!

Dishesdone said...

Suzy, GREAT POST!!!!!!!!! I love the spaghetti and meatballs, I also think yours looks so much better than the original! You are so much fun!

Twinkie's pieces are really neat! I remember yours, you can definitely do the cucpake scarf!

Suzy said...

Thanks everybody! This was a ton of fun. The noodles are buttercream icing with a little round tip. Just swirly around loop de loop.

Susan feel free to give it a go too. I know you would have a blast with it.

Cynthia I hope you and Addi have a good time with it.

Barb and Carol thanks for the crochet encouragement! One day I will sit down and do it.

Thanks Carol for being our host for this one. Lots of fun!

Debbie at Mountain Breaths said...

Suzy, how fun you are! At first I thought you used spaghetti, so I was relieved to read that you used buttercream :-) The crocheted pieces are wonderful! Love the burger and fries, are you bringing those to work?

GREAT post! My family has their April Fool's jokes already planned. I think it's their favorite holiday :-)

Marsha said...

Suzy, this is a wonderful post. I just love your crochet talents. They are too cute.

Your foolery in food is wonderful. The spaghetti & meatballs is so realistic looking and the hamburgers would be so cute for any kiddie party or a kiddie table at a BBQ. You did an amazing job!

The Bloom Girls said...

Hi Suzy, I have a subscription to Family Fun and it is a great magazine! We find lots of fun & clever things to do in that magazine! Thanks for visiting our blog, I am so glad you enjoyed our cooking star! She is a blast and LOVES to cook!

Blessings to you!


Kathleen said...

That's great! I love the sham burgers and fakeghetti and meatballs!
Fun post..
Now the snow..not so much fun!

Glad you didn't do the kitty litter!

Jayne said...

Suzy, oh, wow, you went all out! Yes, I remember your crocheted sweets... so cute. You are talented! Great job on the food too! I love your flowers, even covered in snow.

Nicole said...

How fun are all of these! I love it. You are very very clever.

Robin Sue said...

Suzy I love this. My kids would go wild for something like this and of course I can't trick them twice with my meatloaf and mashed potatoes so I will have to try this one next year!

Mimi said...

Wow, Suzy! You sure did a unique dessert for the April Fools party; how cool is that plate of spaghetti and meatballs!

Gollum said...

What an inventive, fun post! I had to look three times at the spaghetti--my eyes refused to believe it was icing. Oh, this was a delight! Thanks for this wonderful post.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Amazingly clever! You had me fooled with the spaghetti. WOW! What a fun post...

Happy Foodie Friday!


Sheila :-)

Chandy said...

I will try the hamburger ones for my daughter's upcoming party in June! That is so fun! The spaghetti and meatball are yummy. I especially love the meatballs!

bj said...

This is the most cleaver and fun thing i've ever seen. Just love it all.
Happy Foodie Friday

Kristen said...

I love the faux spaghetti - that is fabulous! Those meatballs are particularly creative!

Nancy Jane said...

What a wonderful post! A fun way to end a dreary week...Nancy

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