Saturday, February 28, 2009

Farewell to February

A few of my blogging buddies have decided to throw a Going away party for February. I was more than happy to join in the festivities. Please check out their posts too.

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So it's


To March and Spring!

Winter really has been long this year and colder than I've experienced so far in the Pacific Northwest. I've only been here for 6 winters I suppose I have a lot to learn!! I've lost track of how many times it's snowed here this year. But I do know it snowed this past week!!!! Sorry for the quality but it was early (before work) and not much light.

The poor little crocus didn't know what to think!

But things started to thaw pretty fast

And now I can say bye bye to February!! More like Good Riddance :-)

Even with the snow the signs of Spring are all around. I took these this morning. I was thrilled to find the tiny irises blooming

And my hellebore is really trying to open

Lots and lots of primroses

And the lilac buds are getting fatter

In a few weeks I can look forward to visiting fields of these

I can maybe even enjoy a little outdoor dining!

And Jigs will be ready for his annual Spring photo shoot. Here he was in his first.


Foley said...

Oh Suzy, those fields of tulips!!! Wouldn't you love that to be in your backyard...
Your poor flowers probably don't know if they are coming or going with this weather.
Always love seeing sweet Jigs!!

Jayne said...

Suzy, it all looks fantastic, even your winter wonderland...but, bye bye to it! You're so lucky to already have blooms popping up. Keep us happy for the next few weeks by showing us more as you have more blooms. Oh, those tulip and daffodil fields are magnificent! Near you? Wow! Jigs is such a cutie!

SusanQ said...

Real flowers in a real garden already - oh be still my heart! You are saying hello to spring right now.

Oh, Jigs is adorable! How old was he in that shot?

Cynthia said...

Suzy, I was just thinking about your tulip post earlier this week. John and I are hoping to go to the Pella, Iowa Tulip festival in May. The pictures of your visit to the tulip fields are incredible.

My thoughts too ... poor little crocus.... It does seem that the Northwest has had a colder, snowier winter. (At least that's what the midwest meteorologist who are not there have reported.)

Gorgeous pictures all ... and it wouldn't be the same without a picture of Jigs. .... his first puppy spring picture. What an adorable puppy he was. (And what a handsome dog he is now.)

dishesdone said...

Another great post! I love Jigs, what a face in that picture :)

You will have a gorgeous spring to say hello to and such pretty pictures! and buds already! We have twigs still :)

Sara said...

I can't wait for spring! My chives are starting to grow back now that the frost is gone, my daffodils are in bloom and I have the first blossoms on my nectarine tree.

Marsha said...

Your snowfall was really pretty the way it stuck to all the tree branches. Lucky for you it melts so quickly. I just am so excited to see all those blossoms you already have. The first little purple iris is gorgeous and I have never seen one like the second one. Lucky you have primroses too. Are you planning another trip to the tulips fields this year? I remember being so envious when you showed these last year. So beautiful, I can only imagine. Looking forward to watching spring arrive at Kitchen Bouquet and seeing more outdoor dining :-)

Debbie at Mountain Breaths said...

Oh Suzy, my hellebores and crocus are still asleep! I just told them this morning, get ready, only three weeks until spring!

Your snowfall reminds me of our area, and we have had way too much snow this year. The tulips fields are breathtaking! Thank you for sharing.

Jigs is so photogenic :-) What a cutie.

Kathleen said...

Well, Suzy, it didn't work for me...I think that penguin imported some more snow...we are getting clobbered..
All the more reason to enjoy your beautiful flowers...So colorful..sigh!
Thanks for the bouquet!

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